Dan Sterdt

“I've been so drawn to Mr. Dylan's rich catalog of poetic music over the years, having been introduced by my dad, who was lucky enough to be on the Greenwich Village scene when Bobby Zimmerman became Bob Dylan. His unique, magnetic, and generous personality have always shown through to me, and I wanted to thank you for your beautiful book and sharing your friendship. Your big heart shines in your writing, and I've now become a Louie Kemp fan too.”


Andy Greene,


“Dylan fans will be fascinated by Kemp’s account of Dylan’s religious conversion in the late Seventies and his return to his Jewish roots in the Eighties.”


The Vinyl District

“Kemp’s memoir gives with the goods, underscoring the funny and deeply affectionate history of a five decade-long friendship with wild adventures, soul searching conversation, musical milestones, and enduring comradery straight on up to the mid-seventies, when Dylan looked to Kemp to produce the now-legendary, Rolling Thunder Revue, (1975-76).”


Steven Mirkin, Jewish Journal

"In the book, Kemp comes off as a grounding force. He even manages to puncture Dylan’s aura…The chapters offer a view of Dylan that few have seen.”


prospero360, Online Book Club

"A book offering details into the reserved, mysterious life of Bob Dylan is always welcome in my library....Readers will find that there are a lot of lessons to be learned from [Louie and Bob] on making and sustaining friendships....The fast pace of the story ensured that I finished the book in two sittings."


Rabbi Shraga Simmons, Aish.com

“What sets Dylan & Me apart from the endless other books about Dylan is that it’s not based on third-party interpretations, speculations, or unconfirmed rumors. Rather, it is an eyewitness account by someone who knows Dylan…better than anyone else who has tried to explain Dylan to the rest of us.”


Electric Review

“There are many things to admire about this book – the raw hue of honesty that shines off the lips of every page being foremost. However, what also must be mentioned is that Kemp wrote this book on his own terms, bringing it forward without shredding Bob Dylan’s personal life.”


Agence France Press

"Louie Kemp has released a backstage pass of sorts into the mythology of Dylan, in the form of a memoir... dishing on everything from the folk hero's Passover Seder meal with Marlon Brando to his own food fight at a Chinese restaurant with Joan Baez.”

Dan Epstein, The Forward

“The release of Kemp’s book is especially welcome, coming as it does on the heels of [the documentary] ‘Conjuring the Rolling Thunder Revue: A Bob Dylan Story by Martin Scorsese’…. 

Kemp’s book offers a grounded look at the chaos and camaraderie of the Rolling Thunder Revue that — like the rest of his book — is refreshingly free of myth-making or historical embroidery…. 

it’s worth reading just for Kemp’s celebration of Dylan’s playful (and too often overlooked) sense of humor, and his voluminous supply of hilarious anecdotes, which include a food fight with Joan Baez, a wasted Stephen Stills plaintively asking Dylan “Why did you write that song about me?” after hearing “Idiot Wind” for the first time, and a shabbily dressed Dylan being mistaken for a homeless man during a Yom Kippur service….

For many fans and critics, Dylan’s subsequent return to Judaism marked a major (and most welcome) turning point in his career, and it’s fascinating to finally read an eyewitness account of how it actually came about….

As Louie Kemp’s amusing and entertaining book makes abundantly clear, there’s a warm and loving heart beating beneath the Mighty Zimm’s many layers of defense and disguise.”

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“Your book kept me up all night and I finished the entire delightful book. You shared such beautiful stories about yourself and your friends from childhood to your adult years. I know your book will be a great success, and I wish you continued Hatzloah in all your endeavors.”